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Elegant & Sophisticated is different to any other stocking website on the internet, it was the first nylon themed Picture / Story site 17 years ago. This site is for those of you who like a well heeled sophisticated woman classically dressed from head to toe, Claudine wears original 1950’s and 1960’s stockings that you don’t see on other websites plus her modern  stockings too! This site is about stories created in picture and caption format. Great sex is 75% mental and 25% physical which most sites appear to have given up on so we therefore concluded that a Thinking man’s website should please and stimulate the little grey cells. Claudine updates her site every week with more than 24000 pictures available to view as well as her massive archive which is also updated every month come and see something different!












Weekly News Update

  • January 20th, 2017

    The video Administrative Error full 6 minute version is now postedin the Members area along with new sample pictures on the Free preview page for you to view.

  • January 19th, 2017

    PM I have had a huge amount of emails today from Members about this weeks new story frankly amazing reaction which is always appreciated for our efforts!

    This weeks new story is now posted “Taking Advantage” I will be posting the full length video that I promised in the Members area later today.

  • January 17th, 2017

    I have just changed the 3rd sample picture for this weeks new story, I know your question will be “Will you see it opened?” the answer is very much YES! You can view a new sample video on my Free preview page the long version at 6 minutes 9 seconds will be posted later this week in the members area

  • January 16th, 2017

    I have just updated my Friends page with 3 galleries from the well endowed Lucy Zara!!

  • January 13th, 2017

    Very sorry for the delay to posting this story it started off being a new software problem then at 17.00 yesterday we had a massive storm hit us which took out all phones and internet until 16.30 today, so frustrating! Anyway the set is now posted Doubts in the Cathedral. Enjoy, I need a glass of wine!

  • January 5th, 2017

    PM Looks like we are off to a great start for the New year Barry wrote “WOW ! What a terrific way to start out the New Year.Your stories with stocking changes are always like getting 2 for 1. Short skirts and Red Fuck Me Pumps always get the juices flowing and who could NOT love those grey Full Fashioned Nylons!”  And Michael wrote a few minutes ago ” That’s real company loyalty. Too bad there isn’t an actual airline requiring its female flight attendants to wear stockings and suspenders.Always enjoy the view up your skirt. Especially when you are wearing seamed stockings.”

    This weeks new story is now posted Company Loyalty, those of you who employ staff or have employed staff will appreciate Flavia’s dedication to her job! LOL

  • December 31st, 2016

    Here’s an extra treat I added another archive story from 2010 Christmas Spirit which I’m sure you’ll enjoy with the gold coloured RHT stockings seamless to those of you not familiar with the term and some seamed black ones original Aristoc gorgeous nylons!! I will be adding another video at some point early next week.

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The Unofficial Tour

January 26th, 2017

Trixie Hepworth and her husband are attending a conference staying at this hotel which was built around an old Abbey retaining many of it's old artefacts and religious relics, it is even if not religious now, but a place to explore! Trixie escapes the endless conversations around her husbands work to be chatted up by a couple of other hotel guests watching her fix her stockings!...