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Welcome to my Stocking story website Elegant & Sophisticated. My name is Claudine. Online already 19 years!!  I’ve looked all over the adult offerings on the world wide web and I concluded that something was missing. Nothing out there seemed to appeal to my brain. I think great sex is 75% mental and 25% physical. It seemed to me that most sites had simply given up on the 75% part. So I saw a great opportunity to give the thinking man and woman, people like you and me, a place to exercise our “grey matter!”

My websites are based on the concept of the Elegantly dressed woman, beautiful clothes, designer lingerie and ofcourse the best nylon stockings! Story’s are prime concern and what we do, we do video but it is secondary so we aim to show you the very best vintage and modern stockings on a great pair of legs. There are well over 35.000 images available to Members on this website alone along with video content too.On this website there are just two of us Claudine and the cameraman Paul,we act out story lines every week to a script which after editing, the story captions are added to the pictures. Come see a completely different concept from all the other websites!

New photo sets as normal every week, we are working as usual here, we are isolated.

Weekly News Update

  • May 30th, 2020

    In order to keep everyone partially occupied during these strange times one of my members in New Zealand requested that I repost this set The Lingerie club, but it is in two parts so I have managed to join them together 193 pictures in total! Now this is another of our American friend Ofrere who used to write some of our story scripts for us so to benefit from the story line you really need to read the captions if you don’t you won’t get the same enjoyment from it. 

  • May 28th, 2020

    This weeks new story is on line lots of messages this afternoon so far enjoying the close up pictures of the stockings that we always try to do for you all. Next week we are outside again in the sunshine with some great stockings some Secrets in Lace beige ones and then some seamed Cervin contrast tops so if you don’t like both of these I’ll be very very surprised!! LOL

  • May 23rd, 2020

    Here is an archive story from 2008 Damian’s Vintage Photo Shoot, all these story’s proved very popular with Members with the naive young man exploring this older woman! LOL

  • May 21st, 2020

    This weeks new story The Historical Researcher II is now online, lots of lovely upskirt stocking shots for you to appreciate. Next week we will see a scheduled  visit by a tax inspector to my office where she plays a competitor for fool in my absence! LOL 

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Upcoming Updates

Mistaken Benefactor

June 4th, 2020

Georgette received some stockings all gift wrapped on her desk, she assumed that they were from her Boss. She has been invited for dinner at an excellent restaurant as a thankyou for their end of financial year, she has worked late many nights. She arrives all dressed up looking forward to a lovely evening, even her boss is impressed as she arrives at his house! 161 pictures...