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Welcome to my Stocking story website Elegant & Sophisticated. My name is Claudine. Online already 19 years!!  I’ve looked all over the adult offerings on the world wide web and I concluded that something was missing. Nothing out there seemed to appeal to my brain. I think great sex is 75% mental and 25% physical. It seemed to me that most sites had simply given up on the 75% part. So I saw a great opportunity to give the thinking man and woman, people like you and me, a place to exercise our “grey matter!”

My websites are based on the concept of the Elegantly dressed woman, beautiful clothes, designer lingerie and ofcourse the best nylon stockings! I have well over a hundred pairs of original stockings from the 1950’s and 1960’s along with modern versions too!  There are over 31.000 images available to Members on this website alone along with video content too.On this website we act out story lines every week to a script which after editing, the story captions are added to the pictures. Come see a completely different concept from all the other websites out there on the net.

Weekly News Update

  • December 12th, 2019

    22.15 It’s great to hear from everyone it’s been quiet from many members the last 6 weeks,so looking forward to exciting you all over the next few weeks, even more than normal! LOL

    PM Goodness everyone is eager today so many messages already! “Claudine: bless you for today’s ultra-sexy set. I can’t find words you haven’t heard from me before to express my admiration. What fantastic stockings and teasing underwear at large. You deserve all the servicing you can get – I wish it was me delivering:). Xxxxxx lol B.” “I just finished absorbing your update today and I can tell you, I Am A Happy man !!!!. Excellent as ever and what a powerful photo Set. Those Black FF Stockings should have to be registered to wear around a man !” and Mr S said “As with our heroine of last week, this aristocrat enjoys showing off the more she shows off! And the sequel of their next visit excites the imagination with expectation of desire for very risque teasing as well as pleasuring!”

    We start our Christmas run of story’s from today with Servicing the Lady of the Chateau….. and does she need servicing!! Next week and yet another huge set of pictures and video, when the needs of money for her new mortgage requires that she take a pragmatic view point and the President is very impressed with the way she dresses ………..and more importantly what she finds acceptable behaviour from him as his hand slides up her silky stockings under her skirt……..what does she do ? She smiles as his fingers slip inside her panty’s under the table!

  • December 11th, 2019

    Another great update coming tomorrow Servicing the Lady of the Chateau, Jean – Paul gets more than he bargained for!! LOL

  • December 8th, 2019

    The Membership promotion has been fantastic this last week,especially on our Pantyhose site Nylon-therapy which has  returned to weekly updates and has been welcomed by past and new members. The size of the sets are far larger than ever before on both sites along with the size of the individual pictures and not forgetting the videos coming up, this all takes a huge amount of time and effort so thankyou all for supporting our adventures each week it is appreciated.

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A Christmas Offer

December 19th, 2019

Jennifer is a secretary at TCN Chemicals, she has separated from her husband and wants to purchase a new house for herself but cannot afford it on her present salary. She spoke with her current boss who told her that there is a possibility of the post of Executive Assistant to the Vice President becoming available after the New Year. They are at the company’s Christmas party her boss has told her the President would like an informal chat with her an opportunity she wasn’t about to refuse! A huge set 165 pictures and a large video!...