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Welcome to my Stocking website Elegant & Sophisticated. My name is Claudine. My websites are based on the concept of the Elegantly dressed woman, beautiful clothes, designer lingerie and ofcourse the best nylon stockings! I have well over 500 pairs of original stockings from the 1950’s and 1960’s along with modern versions too! This website was created following modelling that I did for an upmarket clothing company in the year 2000, so 18 years of photos of my legs in stockings! There are over 31.000 images available to Members on this website alone along with video content too.

On this website we act out story lines everyweek to a script which after editing, the story captions are added to the pictures, this is very time consuming we do not do just simple photo shoots, from the first picture in each gallery a story is told right through to it’s conclusion, each new story contains on average 120 pictures and often more than 130. Come see a completely different concept from all the other websites out there.

Join this week and we will give you one extra week for Free so 37 days for the price of 30 days and just 19.99 USD or Euro!  My Special Membership Offer ends this Sunday 14 th october and will NOT be repeated before Christmas!              

















































































Weekly News Update

  • October 11th, 2018

    21.20 Yet another appreciative Member! Claudine, another high today, your offerings driving me wild with desires. Changing stockings for the black pair, wow, then posing and then getting down on all four for a doggie shafting – like the guy said: I’ve had enough, give me more!
    What a treat for your admirers!!
    LOL Ben, xxxx

    PM Whoah lots and lots of messages this afternoon, all about todays new story Barry Wrote “WOW ! That update was almost like a Holiday Update. It scored a “10” on my Woody ! Scale. The black seamed stockings were fabulous and I almost forgot about those black pumps. Very sexy.” 

    This weeks new story is now online The Prestigious Dining Club with 130 pictures. I have also put back online these story’s this morning after their 12 weeks break: Late meeting,Swedish Diplomat plus video, Church fete Video, Executive Bonding, Unforeseen events and lastly Chambre d’hote II now that will keep all you new members glued to your screens for quite a while! LOL Now the time to JOIN my offer special offer ends this weekend 37 days for just 19.99 USD or Euros!

  • October 5th, 2018

    I didn’t have time yesterday to add the member comments on yesterdays new story I’m Letting you Go” plus the video Jeff wrote ” Love those stockings I would slowly slide my fingers up those seams under I reached your suspenders Then……… you can guess the rest! LOL” Ben wrote” The pics of your panty’s being tugged down leaning against the desk blew me away with those contrast top stockings!” Bill wrote “Wow that video at the end you can come ride me anytime you like dressed like that, seeing your breasts being squeezed and your nipples tweaked OH My God that did it for me!” The video certainly got people worked up, watching Claudine at the end! LOL

  • October 4th, 2018

    Don’t say I don’t look after you! A lot of work went into this weeks offerings along with this video so I hope you all enjoy it! I have also put a sample version of the video on the Free preview Page. It’s good to see some of my older members returning to see what I am up to again, when I say older I mean those of you who have been Members over the years! LOL I think the longest staying member has been with me at least 16 years I reckon he must deserve some special favours!! LOL We are starting our run up to Christmas trying to come up with something different and  gets harder every year but ofcourse we have some idea’s. On top of our photo shoots we will have some massive changes for the 1st January which I just know you are going to love……!

  • October 2nd, 2018

    PM I just realised that there is a nice long video to go with this weeks story so I will be posting that tomorrow and not the other two I’ll keep those for another rainy day! LOL

    Along with this weeks new story I will be posting two videos that were shot back in 2015 but never posted so something good to look forward to this week!

  • September 27th, 2018

    This weeks new story is now online “The Bent Taxman” these people know all the tricks and excuses people give them, however Collette might just have the necessary distractions for Henry Scott! I have also updated the Free preview page with samples from the stories coming up over the next 5 weeks.

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Bob a Job

October 18th, 2018

Harry is a boy scout and it's that time of year when his troop go out in the community doing jobs for people in their houses and gardens, each job was a Bob or shilling in those days, naturally more now. Harry knocks on Sabrina's door, she smiles at the good looking young man and his request for a job to raise money for his troop! She smiles thinking now what could she get him to do for her!...