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             Elegant and Sophisticated has always been about nylon themed story’s we were the first along with a well groomed lady wearing smart business suits, cocktail dresses with exquisite lingerie. Claudine unlike most other nylon sites has a huge collection of real nylon stockings from the 1940’s 1950’s 1960’s.  Remember when you Join don’t expect our website to be like all the others, we act out story’s to a script as the story unfolds. Would you like to see something different? Come join Claudine in her adventures in and around her large country house.

Claudine is having a clear out of her lingerie and accessories, she has so many full draws and cupboards some of it must go, Everything on 2nd and 3rd pages are for sale see what you would like to own. The prices are very reasonable, you can send cash or pay via Paypal.




See me in Pantyhose at  http://www.nylon-therapy.com